Current Research

The AnimalWatch Vi: Building Graphics Literacy project is a 3 year-project.  This project is an extension of our work with AnimalWatch Vi Suite  (2012-2016).

The project is funded by the US Dept. of Education's Institute of Education Sciences National Center for Special Education Research. 

During the project we will develop an intervention to train students with visual impairments to locate key information on math word problems that involve graphics such as line, bar, and circle graphs, diagrams, figures and geometric shapes, and maps. The intervention will be developed and refined with students with VI and teachers of students with visual impairments. The intervention will use an iPad app and accompanying graphics that have content about environmental science topics. Students in grades 5-12 and their TVIs will participate in the research. 

Our plan is to develop a program to train students to systematically locate target information in math graphics. Graphics will be accompanied by audio to provide three levels of instructional guidance: 1) general overview description, 2) strategic guidance about locating target information in the type of graphic and 3) graphic-specific guidance. 

During the last year of the project (2018-2019) students will complete a pre-test and following the intervention students will complete a comparable post-test. We expect our data to show that following the intervention students are more efficient, motivated and competent in locating information presented in graphics.