University of Florida

University of Florida
Carole Beal

Dr. Carole R. Beal

Dr. Beal was a Professor of Educational Technology in the College of Education. She retired in December 2018. Her research focuses on designing, deploying and evaluating technology to increase the learning of STEM related content by middle and high school students. She is especially interested in promoting access for groups traditionally under-represented in STEM, including students with visual impairments. Dr. Beal was the PI on the AnimalWatch Vi Suite  project while at the University of Arizona. She is the PI on the current project from the Institute of Education Sciences, and on the Precision Education National Research and Development Center.  Read more information about Dr. Beal.   


Nicholas Gage

Dr. Nicholas A. Gage

Dr. Gage earned his PhD in 2010 and is an Assistant Professor in special education.  He has a background in special education policy, statistical analysis, single-subject research, Positive Behavior Support (PBS) and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). His knowledge of single-subject research design will guide the research team in conducting our studies during the 3 years of project funding. Dr. Gage took over PI responsibiity for the project in January 2019 upon Dr. Beal's retirement. Read more information about Dr. Gage.