Previous Work


Our current project is based on the work of Dr. Carole Beal the creator of AnimalWatch and AnimalWatch Vi Suite.  During 2012-2016 we developed an iPad app and accompanying materials to support middle school students in building their math competence as they solved word problems about endangered species. We were asked to put together a 4 minute video about our project for the 4th Annual Ed Games Expo in Washington, DC. 

The videos below show students using our app and materials.

In the first video, a student with low vision uses a print copy of the circle graph to solve a problem about sea turtles. The video begins with her listening to the problem as she visually reads it on the iPad screen, next she is seen visually exploring the print circle graph, she taps the iPad screen to listen to the problem for a second time as she reads along, opens the enter answer pad on the app entering the incorrect answer, taps the Hint 1 button and reads the hint, and then is seen visually looking between the problem text and print circle graph.  Finally she taps the enter answer button and enters the correct answer.


In the second video, a student who is a braille reader explores a line graph showing the number of cheetahs by decade. He is mumbling to himself but what he is saying is not clearly audible. His hands are seen following the lines on the graph as he checks numbers on both the x-axis and y-axis. At the end he reaches for his refreshable braille display to enter his answer into the app.

These publications describe the work of the AnimalWatch Vi Suite project.  W

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