Learn About AnimalWatch Vi: Building Graphics Literacy

What is AnimalWatch Vi: Building Graphics Literacy?

The AnimalWatch Vi: Building Graphics Literacy team designed an iPad app and accompanying graphics to be used by students as they build their skills in locating and interpreting informaiton in graphics (e.g., bar graphs, line graphs, box and whisker plots). The materials include a curriculum guide for  the teacher, accessible graphics for the student, and an iPad app. Materials target math at the 6th grade level. The topic for each unit is about an endangered or invasive species with data presented in the targeted graphic format for that unit. 

What Topics are Covered in the 10 Units?

Each unit contains 4 graphics. As students move through the unit they learn strategies for apporaching the type of graphic and associated vocabulary. The topics are:

1. Single Bar Graphs (Tasmanian Devil)
2. Double Bar Graphs (Grey Crowned Crane)
3. LIne Graphs (Cane Toad)
4. Circle Graphs (Giant Clam)
5. Veen Diagrams (Platypus)
6. Coordinate Planes 1 (Dinosaur Ant)
7. Coordinate Planes 2 (Grevy's Zebra)
8. Box and Whisker Plots (Giant Land Snail)
9. Maps (Afrian Penguin)
10. Datat Tables (Flying Fox)

 How Can My Student and I Try the Materials?

Our 2018-2019 national pilot study was successful. We are currently working to dissemenate the materials. Please check back for more information. To be added to our mailing list so you get updates, email L. Penny Rosenblum at rosenblu@u.arizona.edu. Dr. Rosenblum was our Project Director and will continue to receive emails at this address.