How Can My Student Participate in 2018-2019?

We're Recruiting!!!

As of March 29, 2018 we are recruiting students with visual impairments and their TVIs to take part in our 2018-2019 study.

What Students Will Do:

1. Students will take a pre-test that has math problems with graphs, charts, and maps.
2. Students will complete up to 10 instructional units using the AnimalWatch Vi: Building Graphics app and materials.
3. Students will take a post-test that is similar to the pre-test.
4. Students will be interviewed by a member of the research team.

What TVIs Will Do:

1. TVIs will complete a survey.
2. TVIs will attend a training webinar.
3. TVIs will assist a member of the project team as she administers the pre-test.
3. TVIs will work with the student as the student uses the app and materials.
4. TVIs will complete teacher recording forms for each session.
5. TVIs will work with project staff to set up in-person or virtual observations.
6. TVIs Will assist during the post-test.
7. TVIs will complete a survey at the end of the study.
8. TVIs will attend a small group online meeting to provide feedback.

To Learn More:

Contact Project Director Dr. L. Penny Rosenblum at or 520-621-1223.